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SunFire High - A New Way to Learn for a Changing World

The times have changed. So why hasn’t our education system?

Technology, culture, and careers look completely different than they did 100 years ago. Or even 50. Or 30. Yet schools remain pretty much the same.

At SunFire High School, we believe it’s time to bring education into the 21st century. Whereas conventional high schools around Florida cater to a very specific type of intelligence, SunFire High celebrates and welcomes students of all types of learning styles and strengths. We prepare you for modern-world jobs through a pioneering curriculum delivered in a varied learning environment.

Like many students, you may have found that the traditional high school model wasn’t for you. The good news is, you don’t have to drop out – and you don’t have to settle for a GED.

At SunFire High School, you can earn a state-recognized accredited high school diploma and take a big step towards a bright future by enrolling today.

The SunFire High Difference

Learning Today For A Better Tomorrow.

What makes SunFire High School so different from your average high school? So many things.

Conventional high school models require everyone’s school year to begin at the same time. They require students to arrive at a certain time and not leave until a certain time. Traditional schools demand you enroll in the same core classes.

SunFire High believes those kinds of rules are limiting. We know that every student has a unique learning style, schedule, and interests. That’s why our students design their own curriculum based on their goals and interests, and they design their own schedule based on their availability.

At our school, you learn at your own pace. Your day begins and ends when you want it to. You get to study in an engaging, experiential learning environment with personalized attention. Best of all, when you finish, you’ll leave with an actual high school diploma – not a GED.

Have You Heard? Breakfast and Lunch are provided to all students at no charge! Click here to see the menus.

Why a High School Diploma Is More Important Than Ever Before

The numbers are in, and a high school diploma is crucial to your career and financial success.

Why do we say this?

Because today, more than 60 percent of jobs in the skilled labor workforce require a high school diploma. Many employers will not even look at the application of a candidate without a diploma.

High school dropouts earn dramatically less money than students who get a diploma. On average, high school dropouts earn less than $19,000 annually. Compare that to high school graduates, who earn an average annual salary of more than $26,000. College grads make an average of $45,000 or more annually.

Gone are the days when a high school diploma was optional. In today’s highly competitive economy, you need a high school diploma if you hope to get the job you want.

Don’t let the lack of a high school diploma hold you back. Enroll at SunFire High School and leave with a high school diploma and promising future.

Don’t let a setback decide your fate, graduate with us!


The mission of SunFire High Charter School is to provide our students with a safe and nurturing learning environment that will help them achieve their goals–both academically and personally. We believe that by working with families and the community, all students can achieve their maximum potential. We are committed to working together to provide each student with the best possible education while instilling in every student the belief that they can succeed and become responsible, contributing members of society.

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What to Expect from SunFire High

When you enroll at SunFire High School, working with your grade-level guidance counselor, you’ll design your own individual academic and career plan. Your plan is your custom curriculum tailored to your career goals, interests, and strengths.

After kicking off your school year, you’ll engage in a blend of classes, career guidance, and social skills training. On any given day, your classes could include small group workshops instruction, independent study, and online courses. Even better, whenever you need it, our dedicated, talented teachers are standing by to provide one-to-one tutoring.

SunFire High has been established to serve the needs of a variety of learners. We provide an intimate setting with a student to staff ratio of 15:1 where our staff and student performance continue to gain momentum in our pursuit of education excellence. The environment we have created is conducive to students who are having difficulty finding success in a traditional school setting. Our top priority is to motivate students to re-engage with and be in control of their own academic outcomes.

We provide a unique and flexible learning experience for our students in which highly qualified staff members are present and available to provide the instructional, social, and emotional support for our students. This is combined with a standards-based online curriculum, which allows for self-pacing, individualized progress monitoring, and assessment tools to measure student success. Upon student re-engagement, our focus becomes sequential steps toward both graduation and successful post-secondary opportunities through college and career readiness.

Education is a path, not a destination

Get In-Depth College and
Career Counseling

Part of the curriculum at SunFire High School is dedicated to preparing you for the future, whether you plan on starting college or a career.

While here, you’ll work with our career counselors to discover work opportunities and learn exactly how to find and land the job you want. Our career coordinator counselors will help you develop an actionable plan with job-hunting tips, interview guidance, and more.

Is college in the future for you? At SunFire High School, it can be. We organize visits to local college campuses and invite representatives into the classroom to answer your questions.

Worried you can’t afford college? Don’t be. Our counselors can also help you find and apply for financial aid.

SunFire High School is a NCAA Certified and AdvancED accredited institution which provides necessary and appropriate course placement and sequencing, guidance support, and post-secondary measures through an online medium. Most importantly, we exist to assist students in navigating their way toward a high school diploma.

Learning Today For A Better Tomorrow

Work with Qualified Teachers Who Care

The staff of SunFire High School is made up of licensed and talented teachers who truly care about assisting you in achieving your future goals. Moreover, our expert instructors are committed to helping you thrive both academically and emotionally.

Our staff includes teachers with a huge variety of specialties and backgrounds, including:

  • Vocational Services Specialists. These are college and career counselors with years of experience preparing students for college and careers. Our vocational service specialists are available to offer guidance in job hunting, career preparation, obtaining financial aid, college visits, and more.
  • Family education specialists. At SunFire High, we’re not just concerned about your academic success, but your well-being. Our family education specialists offer counseling and other guidance to ensure the social-emotional health of you and your family.
  • Special education teachers. Our special education teachers lead pioneering programs developed with special needs in mind. At SunFire High, we offer an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) and English Language Learners (ELL) courses.

Education is a path, not a destination. Start your journey with some of the best, brightest, and most caring instructors by enrolling today.

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Enroll at SunFire High School Today, Where Students Come First

SunFire High High School welcomes students from all walks of life. Got a job, a family, or other responsibilities? We can design a curriculum that accommodates you.

SunFire High offers shorter days. Both morning and evening sessions. You can even begin your school year any month you choose.

If you struggled with conventional high school courses, that doesn’t mean you aren’t smart. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn. It doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish your career goals and go on to do great things.

Earn your diploma and get the life and career skills you need to flourish at SunFire High High School. Enroll in classes now to start learning today for a better tomorrow.