Career Development Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Career Development Center (CDC) at SunFire High School is to facilitate career exploration and preparation for our diverse students and alumni through academic, career, and personal development. The CDC encourages career development through applied learning, academic achievement, and student engagement that will lead to post graduation satisfaction.

Department of Student Development

The Department of Student Development at SunFire High is concerned about the overall quality of student life for our student body.  We at SunFire High School are deeply committed to ensuring that, in addition to fulfilling their academic requirements, students also take the time to explore and learn to appreciate who they are and what they can accomplish outside the classroom.

The Department is responsible for developing school policies and creating supporting services that assist students in reaching their educational goals by providing opportunities for the full post-secondary experience. We are dedicated to a collaborative approach to student development and work with faculty and staff to impart appropriate guidance over issues of policy, conduct and school safety.

From Orientation to Graduation, the Department of Student Development will provide a co-curricular experience that is second to none.  Several leadership opportunities await our students through participation in activities on and off campus.  Our students learn and experience self-governance, critical-thinking, and other skills that will make them valuable resources in their future communities and professional roles.

Statement of Student Responsibilities

As members of the SunFire High School community, we have responsibilities to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us. To uphold the shared values of our community, you are expected to:

Embrace learning

Our faculty and staff are committed to your academic success–the primary focus of our school community. In turn, they expect your best individual efforts and dedication to your work, which you demonstrate through attentive participation in classes, active involvement in the academic and co-curricular activities of the campus, and productive use of the School’s educational resources.

Commit to civil behavior

All members of the SunFire High School community are expected to respect others and their differences because our human environment values diversity. You should respect the School, its reputation, and your physical surroundings. We all also need to recognize the duties of our multiple citizenships–as members of our campus, the Broward County area, and the global community.

Enhance your personal development

Your education should develop your ability to function as a contributing member of our society. You will find countless opportunities to participate in student life activities and leadership training, all of which develop skills which will serve you well for the rest of your life. And since service to others is a hallmark of the School, you are urged to enhance your own growth through volunteerism.

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