SunFire High School, Home of the Phoenix!

Parents, Guardians, and Students

Greetings SunFire Family,

You may be asking yourself “what is a Phoenix”? Our school mascot is the Phoenix. The Phoenix rises from the ashes and is born anew. Therefore, our mascot symbolized re-birth. The Phoenix reminded us that we must be transformed from passive recipients of our condition to active participants who are committed to changing the conditions around us.

The Phoenix also embodied our mission to graduate individuals who thrives in service to others, and our goal of putting scholarship into practice for the purpose of addressing social inequities and injustice. The Phoenix appeared on the school’s logo in the upper middle, to reminded us that through inquiry, this is the goal for which we seek.

The Phoenix is a legendary bird mentioned in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. According to ancient writers, the phoenix lived for 500 years, then died and was reborn. It had brilliant golden and scarlet feathers and grew to the size of an eagle.

With that being said, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year. I hope that you had a restful summer and had the chance to read a good book. We are excited about all that his new school year has to offer and look forward to working with our students and families as we focus on continuous improvement in teaching and learning, and all areas of our school environment. Class of 2026 welcome to the family. We look forward to seeing your academic and personal growth over the next 4 years.

The staff at SunFire High School is very excited for the upcoming year which promises to be filled with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm!  It is our goal to make every student feel welcomed, connected and an important part of the SunFire family. Teachers, administrators, and support staff are committed to providing our students with high-quality educational programs, building positive working relationships with students, families, and community members; all while striving to meet the unique needs of each student.

This year we will renew our commitment to excellence in all that we do, with a resolute expectation that all students can learn and succeed. We will continue to provide students with opportunities to address academic deficiencies, to build numeracy and literacy skills, to make up missing credit, to be college or work force prepared, and to have the opportunity to participate in advanced academic classes. We will continue to implement initiatives to promote teaching and learning, and to engage all our stakeholders in the process of educating our students. The SunFire High School family will commit to continuous improvement in all aspects of our organization. We will continue to focus on efforts to improve student literacy. Improvements in literacy will positively impact student performance in every content area, and in their overall academic growth and development. We look forward to partnering with our stakeholders in these initiatives.

The main goal for the upcoming school year is building a positive and healthy school culture by doing things the “Phoenix Way”. In doing so, we will focus on areas that will directly affect our environment.  Components of the “Phoenix Way” are communication, connection, and commitment. Communicating with stakeholders is a top priority and as a school we will always be seeking ways to increase our effectiveness.  Connecting and building positive, professional relationships with students, parents and community organizations will make our school and community stronger. A commitment from everyone (students, parents, and staff) to these areas will keep SunFire High School the envy of Broward County!!!  Go Phoenixes!!

I am excited about all that this new school year has to offer and look forward to working collectively as a family to ensure that our students are provided with the best educational experience possible to be critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and prepared to be successful in their endeavors after high school. The school through its partnership with Florida Health Broward County  and our District continues to provide access to COVID-19 testing and vaccinations for students and staff of SFHS, and their families. We will continue to implement mitigation measures as our Broward School’s Superintendent determines are needed to ensure that our staff and students’ safety and well-being are prioritized. I encourage you to become active members of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and the Phoenix family and look forward to seeing you on campus for academic and extracurricular functions. It is going to be an amazing year.


DeeEtte Naukana