Parents, Guardians, and Students,

When school resumes for students on August 15th, there will be some noticeable changes in our school name, administration and staff. The first change being that our school has gone through a name change, leaving SunEd High of Broward behind for an updated dynamic “SunFire High School, Home of the Phoenix”!

You may be asking yourself “what is a Phoenix”? Our school mascot is the Phoenix. The Phoenix rises from the ashes and is born anew. Therefore, our mascot symbolized re-birth. The Phoenix reminded us that we must be transformed from passive recipients of our condition, to active participants who are committed to changing the conditions around us.

The Phoenix also embodied our mission to graduate individuals who thrives in service to others, and our goal of putting scholarship into practice for the purpose of addressing social inequities and injustice. The Phoenix appeared on the school’s logo in the upper middle, to reminded us that through inquiry, this is the goal for which we seek

The phoenix is a legendary bird mentioned in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. According to ancient writers, the phoenix lived for 500 years, then died and was reborn. It had brilliant golden and scarlet feathers and grew to the size of an eagle.

With that being said, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year!  The staff at SunFire High School is very excited for the upcoming year which promises to be filled with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm!  It is our goal to make every student feel welcomed, connected and an important part of the SunFire family. Teachers, administrators and support staff are committed to providing our students with high-quality educational programs, building positive working relationships with students, families and community members; all while striving to meet the unique needs of each student.

The second change is in our administrative team. I feel honored to be returning to the newly named SunFire High School as the principal. Having worked in the charter school arena since 2001 I have a deep understanding of the importance of SunFire High School in the community, the traditions that are valued and the many outstanding programs that are offered to our students.   Mr. Justin Stoutamire will be a new member of the administrative team serving in the position of assistant principal. Mr. Stoutamire brings an abundance of passion and energy to the SunFire family. His experience is an asset to students, parents and staff. Ms. Melani Timmis has returned to her previous position of ESE Coordinator and starting this year will also be the ESOL Coordinator. Ms. Timmis is motivated to support all students to connect and feel ownership of their experience at SunFire High School.  Ms. Timmis makes SunFire High School a great place for students and staff!

The third change includes the addition of new instructional and support staff and existing staff who have changed positions. The SunFire family would like to welcome 2 new members to our family, Ms. Noelyn Watson, 11th and 12th grade Guidance Counselor and Mr. Blaine Cazinha, Math and Technology Teacher.

Ms. Rebecca Ransier will now be the 9th and 10th grade Guidance Counselor along with being the Assessment Coordinator, Ms. Natalie Strong has taken on the responsibility of Community Liaison and Enrollment Specialist and last but not least, Mr. Eladio Acosta will be our Front office manager who manages our reception area. He is the ‘face’ of our school and will ensure visitors receive a heartwarming welcome. Mr. Acosta will also coordinate all front desk activities, including calls, requests and parent and student services.

The main goal for the upcoming school year is building a positive and healthy school culture by doing things the “Phoenix Way”. In doing so, we will focus on areas that will directly affect our environment.  Components of the “Phoenix Way” are communication, connection and commitment. Communicating with stakeholders is a top priority and as a school we will always be seeking ways to increase our effectiveness.  Connecting and building positive, professional relationships with students, parents and community organizations will make our school and community stronger. A commitment from everyone (students, parents and staff) to these areas will keep SunFire High School the envy of Broward County!!!  Go Phoenixes!!



DeeEtte Naukana